We organize following training courses:

Critical Information Infrastructure Protection – Lessons Learned

This two-day course enables participants to learn about best practice in critical information infrastructure protection. During the course you learn how to identify and map critical information infrastructure (CII), how to describe CI and CII services, how to create CI and CII service level agreements, how to assess critical information infrastructure service risks, how to create critical information infrastructure services’ business continuity plans etc. You study how to set up an effective and well functioning critical information infrastructure protection system and how to run it.

Critical infrastructure service provider risk assessment

This two-day course provides an overview of the ISO 27005 standard and how to use it in critical infrastructure risk assessment. During the course we take critical service provider organization as a case study and create a risk assessment based on that organization.

Cyber Security for critical infrastructure service provider executives

This one-day course enables participants to learn how to handle cyber security issues at the executive level and at the board meetings’ level. It covers the following: What are the questions executives have to ask, how to manage cyber security risks, how to assess the work of cyber security staff, decisions CEO should make, how to prepare for cyber security incidents.

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